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Our Commitment

We have been serving the Immigrant community in Georgia since 1993.

Hispanic Services Foundation is dedicated to helping the Immigrant community in all its unique needs.

Our specialty is Immigration Packages and Tax and Accounting. We have several thousand satisfied clients per year.

We also assist immigrants with services that include business startup, business licenses, incorporation documents, Federal Id numbers, translations in several languages, sales taxes, tax ID’s for the IRS, tax planning, estimated taxes, property taxes, 1099 preparation, fill forms and write letters for all occasions. We can prepare income taxes for the last 15 years for those who are behind and wish to catch up. We also prepare state taxes for all states.

Overall, our mission and our commitment to the immigrant community are to provide the best service possible in many areas of expertise, with discretion and attention to detail. We understand that some immigration and tax problems are often painful and experience has taught us understanding and compassion. The growth of immigrants in our state has led us to grow professionally and expand our client base to other states. Visit us and you will find the help you are looking for, in a friendly, calm atmosphere that will supply you with the support you need.

Your friend,
Sissie Santiago


Sissie Santiago

We offer a large array of services to
fit the needs of our community, providing the One Stop Shop kind
of personal, family, and
business solutions.

Our Network

Our address
1869 Cobb Parkway
South (Hwy 41) Suite 600
Marietta, Georgia 30060
Tel: 770.953.9092
Fax: 770-916-1466